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LexAble - a potential supporter?

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Through the Technology Taskforce's ongoing efforts to order to make accessibility and usability fundamental to ICT in the business sphere, we have recently been working alongside LexAble and their Director Neil Cottrell. LexAble was founded in 2007, and originated from Neil's desire to reach his potential. As a severely dyslexic user of assistive technology himself, LexAble's mission is, in their own words: "To enable people with dyslexia to achieve their full potential through assistive software. To support our customers and actively seek their feedback to ensure the maximum benefit to users." With their Global AutoCorrect software, the user’s spelling is automatically corrected as they type, enabling them to focus on what they’re writing. It works in every application, so can be used for emails, for essays and reports, and even on the web. The software also keeps track of spelling mistakes so the user can work on them in their own time. And it’s very easy to create additional corrections – simply double click on a mistake in any program and press F2. Winning awards both for the company and himself, having Neil and LexAble on board as supporters would give an insight in the commercial side of AT and its development.