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7th ATIS4all Workshop (Madrid)

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The 7th ATIS4all workshop and presumably the last one, will take place in Madrd the next 9th and 10th of December. 

The venue will be ONCE Foundation premises and most ATIS4all partners have already confirmed. 

Topics will be focused on the Collaborative Portal (How to improve content, visits, sustainability). Furthermore a talk on the opportunities for 2020 will be held.

Hereby the provisional agenda: 

Monday, 09th December 2013


Welcome and registration


Current status of the portal:

*        Improvements of the third release of the portal

*        Progress regarding the KPIs

o  Strengths and Weakness

o  Effort focus


Topics for a breakthrough portal:

*        Wearable devices (Google Glasses, Open Shades, Smart Watches, etc.)

*        Mobile Apps

*        European Accessibility Act

*        Open Discussion


Sustainability plan for 2014:

*        When are we going to contact sponsors


Coffee break

17.15 – 18.15

Opportunities in H2020

*        Opportunities in H2020

*        Open discussion





Tuesday, 10th December 2013


Portal property rights

*        Definitions of the rights

*        Premises

*        Proposed options

*        Results of the anonymous voting

*        Open discussion


Coffee Break


Consortium Executive Board (CEB)

*        Votes on property rights

*        Attendance to the third and final review meeting

*        Financial Issues: Final payment




End of the 7th Workshop

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Who is going to Vilamoura for the next AAATE meeting?

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As most of you know already. The dates of the next AAATE meeting is approaching. The whole ATIS4all consortium is gathering there not only for the conference but also to hold our sixth consortium meeting. It iwill be an important opportunity in order to meet up old friends and getting to know key actors in the field.

If you are going to be around and want to discuss anything or just have a chat about the development of this portal tell us. May be you can suggest some sessions that will be interesting for the collaborative portal.

Check out the proceeding of the conference in

Nonetheless in the next days we will tell you about our own sessions and the place of our joint booth with ETNA

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Assistive Technology Definition

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Steve Lee
When it comes to AT we often have our own ideas of what is included and what is excluded. For example an extreme view is the wheel is AT. Another view is that it means low tech solutions like grab rails. Other's think it is high tech things like screen readers. SO can we agree on a definition? At least for ATIS4all. I really like the Kings Fund's definition: 'Assistive Technology (AT) is any product or service designed to enable independence for disabled and older people. (King's Fund consultation, 2001)'.
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LexAble - a potential supporter?

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Through the Technology Taskforce's ongoing efforts to order to make accessibility and usability fundamental to ICT in the business sphere, we have recently been working alongside LexAble and their Director Neil Cottrell. LexAble was founded in 2007, and originated from Neil's desire to reach his potential. As a severely dyslexic user of assistive technology himself, LexAble's mission is, in their own words: "To enable people with dyslexia to achieve their full potential through assistive software. To support our customers and actively seek their feedback to ensure the maximum benefit to users." With their Global AutoCorrect software, the user’s spelling is automatically corrected as they type, enabling them to focus on what they’re writing. It works in every application, so can be used for emails, for essays and reports, and even on the web. The software also keeps track of spelling mistakes so the user can work on them in their own time. And it’s very easy to create additional corrections – simply double click on a mistake in any program and press F2. Winning awards both for the company and himself, having Neil and LexAble on board as supporters would give an insight in the commercial side of AT and its development.
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Hashtags for ATs?

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This is a concern directly taken from the Foundation of Assistive Technogy´s blog. When disseminating results and questions in twitter ,"#assistive seems to produce a lot of complaints about ‘assistive touch’ on the iPhone, a search using #AT produces similar gripes about AT&T. Few results come from #assistivetech and I think #assistivetechnology is a bit long" If you have any ideas please let us know. 

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What are your options? What captures your attention?

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As you know, we are building up this first-born community with a lot of will and determination. As one of the administrators of the portal, I´m familiarised with the different kind of contents and audiences we are having and contacting. Nevertheless to effectivelly attrack those 100 individuals with appealing content may be a daunting task. The strenght of this portal it is precisely the multi-stakeholder approach eventhough to attain a genuine attention of the whole audience range presents a challenge. Therefore as an administrator I open this discussion thread in order to convey your opinion on what kind of content would genuinely capture your attention related to ICT AT. Myself, not just as an administrator but as a consultant of ICT projects related to disability and social services I really like the stories behind the direct applications of ICT AT in Education, Work, Sociability, etc...

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