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What are your options? What captures your attention?

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As you know, we are building up this first-born community with a lot of will and determination. As one of the administrators of the portal, I´m familiarised with the different kind of contents and audiences we are having and contacting. Nevertheless to effectivelly attrack those 100 individuals with appealing content may be a daunting task. The strenght of this portal it is precisely the multi-stakeholder approach eventhough to attain a genuine attention of the whole audience range presents a challenge. Therefore as an administrator I open this discussion thread in order to convey your opinion on what kind of content would genuinely capture your attention related to ICT AT. Myself, not just as an administrator but as a consultant of ICT projects related to disability and social services I really like the stories behind the direct applications of ICT AT in Education, Work, Sociability, etc...