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Apps with uncomplicated User Interfaces

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Steve Lee

Older user who are unfamiliar with the latest technology and people with learning difficulties are among those who really appreciate apps that have uncomplicated user interfaces. However many operating systems and apps are unsuitable for such users as they have complex or fast changing features. Further, lack of attention to general accessibility, such as text, size compound the problems experienced by these users.

It is fair to say that the requirements of these users are currently not well met by general purpose OSs and apps. Certainly not as well as those with sensory disabilities such as low or no vision. There are however several apps specifically designed to address requirements of users. For example medication reminders, reading aids and life skills training. Also, a few non-app products such as BT large button phones and Doro mobile phones are available and address accessibility needs in a narrow field.

Here are a few example apps.

  • iDress Clear picture-based indication of current weather and suitable clothing for outdoors (iOS).
  • ZiltaHome screen with easy access to common smart phone activities such a calls and mail (Android).
  • MAAVIS A research protoype and framework for creating UIs with simple access to media and communications (Windows)

A new EC FP7 funded project being run as part of GPII activities, Prosperity4All, will be providing guidelines and frameworks for UIs for people with low digital literacy. Prosperity4All is expected to start early in 2014 and compliments Cloud4All's automatic personalisation technologies. Until then here are a few example apps.

Are there any existing guidelines? How about existing apps?

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Headsets measuring cognitive functioning - An opportunity for assistive technology

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Emotiv EPOC & EEG is a system traslating brain signal actitivy into computer signals that allow for interpreting thoughs, emotions or feelings. It has being developed experimentally during the last years, but now it is near to reach the market. In order to do so, Emotiv has started a campaign on Kickstarted, offering the new headsets and developer toolkits at a very competitive prices for users, developers and researchers.

Is there any potetial use for new assistive technologies based on cognitive functioning?

See full description of the product on Kickstarter website:

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