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Big donation to Danish app for blind and partially sighted

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 It has previously been discussed how to ensure viable business models or just secure funding for the development of apps and other software-based assistive technologies.

In Denmark, recently,  "Be My Eyes" received the fairly huge amount of ca. €250,000 from the Velux Foundation for further development of the iOS app, which "will allow blind and sighted people to use the camera of their smartphone to help describe what they see."

 It might be useful compiling a list of like foundations that may give funding to the development of assistive apps and other software.

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Interesting for developers: Vodafone Innovation Awards 2013!

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The objective of the awards, presented by the Fundación Vodafone España (Vodafone Spain Foundation), is to support the development of innovative products and services supported by technological telecommunications which promise a wide impact in the information society for their interest, novelty and accessibility for all people. Vodafone Spain Foundation will award three prizes, under the heading of "Project Innovation Award in the field of Research and Development of Telecommunications", of 20,000€ each one. The three prizes awarded by Vodafone Spain Foundation respond to the following three categories: 1. Award to "Mobile for Good Application" development. This category will award a new application for smartphones that contributes to improving the quality of life, personal autonomy and the promotion of active aging and intergenerational solidarity. Applications submitted must have already reached the beta phase. 2. Award to "ICT Mobile for Good Solution" project. The projects submitted under this category must have completed its definition phase and be ready to begin its implementation phase. 3. Award to "Social ICT Entrepreneur ". To participate in this category, entrepreneur must be previously enrolled in Vodafone Spain programme "I undertake with Vodafone", to be applicable to their particular conditions. (  
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