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Open Book a tool to simplify text and documents

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The FIRST project is developing ‘Open Book’; a tool to simplify text and documents. The Open Book program will simplify documents and text into format that is easier for people with autism to read and understand. As people with autism often have difficulties in understanding long sentences, complicated concepts, metaphors and other expressions, the software aims to assist in making information more accessible. The software will also provide summaries, definitions and images to aid understanding of words and concepts, and will allow users to personalise the settings to their own level of reading and comprehension ability.

This program is being developed by the ‘FIRST’ project as part of a European Community-funded research project. As a partner in this project, Autism-Europe will work with universities, technology companies and other autism organisations from around Europe to develop the software over the next three years.

The software is expected to be available in English, Spanish and Bulgarian in late 2014. More information on the FIRST project can be found at: